Live Casinos Guide – Live Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat in India

Live casino games have arrived in India to take your entertainment to new heights. Fortunately, nowadays, every online casino has its own section with live games. This is one of the main sections of the platform, so you should expect top quality with a comprehensive list of games. Interested? Keep reading! Here, we present everything you need to know about live online casino games, their features, and providers.

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What are live casino games and how do they work?

At first, it might seem like live online casino games operate differently; however, this isn't the case. This is a category of casino games just like any other. The only difference compared to the rest is that it features a real-time betting system. This means that your games will have opponents and even a live real dealer.

To participate in this type of game, simply go to the live section of the casino if available. It is worth noting that the gaming options may vary greatly, however, the live mechanics of these games will always be the same.

What stands out about these games is that the advantage of having a real dealer and being able to interact with the players makes it a more exciting option and better simulates the experience of playing in a real casino.

Los casinos en vivo en India

Are live online casino games fair?

Many users come to doubt the fairness in casino games. There really is no reason to question the authenticity of these games, as long as you use a legal and secure platform.

The reason for this is that online gambling games have a random number generation system. In this way, the results that can be obtained in each round are completely random, so nothing is predetermined by the platform. This can be verified by checking that the casino only uses recognized providers and licenses.

Within the realm of justice, institutions such as eCOGRA are also included, who certify that the game in question is fair. Platforms that have this kind of certification can automatically be considered as serious companies dedicated to offering fair and secure games.

Additionally, in case this does not convince you, you must understand that unsafe casinos never thrive. Therefore, having an unreliable system drives users away, causing the platform to become a failure. Thus, security and fairness become crucial elements for any casino.

Live casino dealer can't see you

One of the main differences that the online casino presents compared to the physical one is related to physical contact. This is a completely null point in the case of the digital version. At the same time, the fact that online gambling games have this characteristic can have a particular influence on the game.

Firstly, you will notice that there is no marked social pressure that worsens your game. You will be directly in the comfort of your own home without suffering the looks of opponents or the dealer. This will give you enough calmness to make intelligent decisions that lead to greater concentration and more objective plays.

On the other hand, the social aspect can also be improved in the case of the online version. Here we have chat systems, with which you can communicate with the dealer and other players or report those players who affect your experience on the platform.

Language in live online casino

In this case, we have a not very remarkable feature. Languages can be moderately limiting in casinos, especially in the live category. Now, the dealers almost never speak a language other than English. This can be somewhat unappealing when we talk about casinos dedicated to Indian-speaking countries.

However, there are platforms that offer explanations in India. Although it is a way to solve this problem, it is known that it is not comparable to the dealer being able to speak your native language perfectly.

It should be noted that the fact of generally handling English can be annoying, however, this will not really prevent you from enjoying the platform. Many betting houses have text translations in different languages. Therefore, if you do not understand very well what the dealer indicates, you can quickly review the rules directly in India.

Also, there are some basic games like roulette and blackjack that you can find in India and play without any problems.

Why play in the live casino?

You already know the basics and characteristics of live casinos, however, we have not yet reached the reasons why you should play in them. Here are some of these reasons:

  • Game environment: You won't find anything more similar to a traditional casino than live versions. You have a real dealer, a casino design, and even similar sounds capable of immersing you in the same atmosphere as a physical casino game.
  • Reliable: By handling flawless algorithms and programs, it is a version that you can trust blindly.
  • Direct communication: You will always be able to talk to the dealer or other players without having to be in the same place.
  • Variety of games: There are now many games with live casino versions. Therefore, you will always find something that suits your tastes and playing style.

In short, live casino is a very interesting alternative for those looking for a similar experience to physical casinos. The one offered on traditional gaming platforms fails to match the design of live casinos. Therefore, it has become the favorite option for those who want a similar experience to traditional physical casinos.

Live Casino Disadvantages

Not everything is positive points. There are some features that are not liked by many players. Here is a summary of the ones that bother live casino users the most:

  • Fast pace: The rounds are very fast, so it's easy to feel lost. At the same time, betting times are very short, so users may feel bored.
  • Few options: Despite there being a wide variety of games in live casinos, it doesn't compare to what you find in the traditional online casino. Many of these entertainments do not have a live version, so you won't have a number close to what is found in the slots list. Still, it is a section that is growing more and more in the main online casinos.

How to start playing in a live casino?

Time required: 15 minutes

Like on any of these platforms, taking your first steps is simpler than it seems. In the live casino, all you need is to have an account, access it, make a deposit, and go to this category of games. However, here are the steps you should follow if you want to play in the live casino:

  1. Access the casino website:

    Locate the official website of the casino where you wish to place bets. Make sure to choose the correct domain to avoid any issues. All the recommended casinos here have been reviewed and are licensed to operate legally.

  2. Click on Login or Registration:

    Depending on whether you have an account or not, you will need to choose between login or registration. In both cases, a tab will open where you need to enter your existing login details or register for a new account.

  3. Make a deposit:

    If you don't have funds in your account and want to place a bet, you'll need to make your initial deposit. You can do this in the deposits section of the platform by completing a deposit request. Once done, confirm the payment and your funds will be available.

  4. Go to the Live Casino section:

    Among the categories on the platform, you will find the Live Casino section. Click on this section to explore all the real-time betting events that are available.

  5. Confirm your bet and wait for the outcome:

    Once you have selected your preferred option for the bet, you will need to complete the betting ticket. After that, simply confirm the transaction and await the outcome of the event.

Games to play in live casinos

As we have mentioned, live casinos are growing more and more, so the same goes for their list of games. There are more and more games in which you can bet, each one belonging to a specific category. Here are some of the most popular live casino games in the market.

live roulette

One of the main giants in live casino listings are roulette. This table game is found in most casinos and has a series of extremely simple rules.

In live roulette, you will place bets on the number and color that can be obtained after spinning the wheel. Depending on the type of live roulette you are playing, you may have a certain number of available numbers or another. Similarly, your victory will always be determined if the number obtained matches the initial choice you have made.

In the case of live roulette, they have a real-time dealer. So, when the round starts, you can see the dealer spinning the roulette wheel live and announcing the results when it stops. In addition to that, this type of roulette usually features a large number of sounds and designs similar to what we find in physical casinos.

Try the game of roulette for free here

live blackjack

Surely, online blackjack is likely the most widely played card game in casinos worldwide. Its system is quite simple and is known for its fast-paced rounds. Additionally, in this market, you can come across various versions, expanding the possibilities much more than in physical casinos.

However, the gameplay system of blackjack is usually always the same. In live blackjack, you will have a hand of 2 cards where the sum should be equal to or closer to 21. If you exceed this value, you will have lost the round.

It is worth noting that it is a game of small bets, making it ideal for new bettors.

The live version of blackjack is not very different from the classic alternative that you can find in the traditional section. However, this one has real-time dealers and opponents who will also be playing at the same time as you. In this way, the experience of playing blackjack has nothing to envy to what the most famous physical casinos offer.

Try the game of blackjack for free here

live baccarat

Another of the most commonly found titles in any live game list is Baccarat. This game is very similar to live blackjack, but certainly also has certain different points.

Live baccarat is a card game where you must get your hand as close as possible to 9. You can only have up to 3 cards in your hand and only the last digit of the sum is taken into account as the value.

Unlike blackjack, in baccarat you bet on whether the player's hand or the dealer's hand will win. If you bet correctly, you win, not necessarily if the player's hand wins.

This game is usually played against the bank, which is represented by the dealer. In the live version, you will have a real-time dealer. In addition, if the version allows it, you can have opponents who will also play at the same time as you.

It should be noted that there is another version that you could find in the live casino, Dragon Tiger. This is the Asian version of baccarat and only differs in the number of cards played. In this version, you will only have one hand with one card, so the results have much more randomness involved.

Try the free baccarat game here

live poker

Although it is very popular, poker is not one of the most sought-after games in a live casino. It is a game with complex rules, so many users prefer to stay away from it.

In general, in poker you will seek to have your hand meet a series of combinations with the hand on the table. Depending on the combination you have, you could be the winner, as long as it is the highest value in the round. If there is another player with a more valuable combination, they will be the winner of the round.

In the games, you will place bets in each of the rounds. In the case of the live version, you will have to wait for each user to make their betting choice during the turn passing in the round. Here you will also have a real-time dealer, who will make the moves in the game.

The rules can vary considerably, so it is essential that you review which version you are selecting. In some, the cards can be shown, while in others there are no encounters with other users.

Try free video poker here

asian casino games

There are many more games outside of the classic ones we mentioned from the live casino. You can come across other options like Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Sic Bo, or Dragon Tiger. All of these are highly popular, especially in the Asian market.

The rules of these games can be similar to Western games. In fact, as we mentioned, there are many similarities between Baccarat and Dragon Tiger.

In the case of Sic Bo, we have a dynamic that has become very popular in Western casinos. It has a relatively simple system and the winnings are practically completely defined by chance, similar to roulette.

For this reason, it will always be interesting for you to do a small review of the unknown games that the platform has. Many of them can turn out to be more interesting than they may seem.

show games

In addition to card or board games, there is another category of live casino games. This includes game shows, which is one of the most popular sections among live casino enthusiasts. These are games where you will have a host who develops the mechanics of the game, all with the dynamism of television shows.

Many of these games are completely based on luck, so there is no real mechanics that you need to handle perfectly. Among them, you can find some of the following.

ferris wheels

The most famous game show is "Wheel of Fortune". It is a game where the host spins a wheel with different prizes associated with a number. Depending on the number you bet on and if the wheel stops on it, you can win the bet. One of the most well-known titles with this system is Evolution's Dreamcatcher.

There are various types of Ferris wheels. These differ mainly in the benefits you could get if you win. In some, they are limited to giving you funds for your bet, in others you can even receive special bonuses of various types. In this last category, titles such as Sweet Bonanza Candyland by Pragmatic, Adventures Beyond Wonderland by Playtech, and Crazy Time and Monopoly by Evolution are mentioned.

live bingo

Within this category, live bingo can be the closest thing to classic live games. However, its operation is somewhat different. It has the same style as traditional bingo where you will mark the resulting numbers mentioned by the presenter if your ticket contains them. However, it has some peculiarities.

In titles like Monopoly Big Baller and Mega Ball by Evolution, you can get multipliers and bonus games as prizes. This will depend entirely on whether the game has these bonuses, but it is a unique benefit of this version.

The highlight of this game is the similarity it presents to the traditional game in terms of design. The colors are very similar and you can find yourself caught up in the game with sounds. Thus, it is an option that cannot be overlooked by bingo lovers.

live slots

This is a relatively rare option, as not many live casinos offer this kind of slot machines. However, it's a game that you might come across in certain game lists.

The main difference it has from classic versions is the existence of a live presenter. In addition, many of these machines can include a prize system when certain combinations are obtained. These prizes usually consist of tickets for other live games on the platform.

Some of the most well-known titles are Crazy Coin Flip and Gonzo's Treasure Hunt by Evolution, and Buffalo Blitz Live by Playtech. Additionally, Playtech's live slots include a system where everyone can see you play. This allows for real-time results in case you win the jackpot.

Game Show Versions for Basic Board Games

Game shows also have versions to liven up classic games, such as roulette or dice games. In this option, the gaming experience is greatly enhanced with a kind of show or contest.

Although these options are not only available for basic board games. Also, there are game shows that imitate TV programs, such as Deal or no Deal.

In all of them, the contest is moderated by a host who explains the rules and takes the bets.

The best live casinos

The live casino is one of the main sections of any gambling platform. Here you will find extremely popular titles of blackjack, poker, roulette or TV games. Despite this, availability is very variable depending on the casino you are using. Below, we present the most important live casinos today.

Min deposit 200 INR
Min deposit 200 INR
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Recognized for being one of the top casinos, Betsson features its own catalog of live games. This collection is composed of highly attractive providers on an international level.
Despite this, the extent of their list is not as considerable as on other platforms. Nevertheless, they offer titles from PlayTech and Evolution Gaming, some of the safest and most sought-after in the entire market.
In terms of game types, you'll mostly come across various versions of Roulette. They provide all types of alternatives with diverse and changing styles. Thus, your entertainment is practically assured as long as you continue playing with Betsson's live lineup.

Min deposit 100 INR
Min deposit 100 INR
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In the case of PlayUzu, they have a somewhat limited list of live games. This list only includes Roulette titles, so you won't find versions of blackjack or poker on their platform. However, they manage to compensate for this disadvantage with their high game quality.
In their list, you'll find only high-definition quality games. These are extremely smooth and free of any errors. Most of the available versions are from PlayTech, so there's no need to worry about security.
Furthermore, this platform is fully accessible in its mobile version. This means you have the option to access it using your preferred device for live betting.

Foliatti Casino Online
Min deposit 100 INR
Min deposit 100 INR
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The variety of categories in Foliatti's Live Casino is guaranteed. This platform features the major titles from the world of gambling. They have games like blackjack, poker, baccarat, Roulette, and even craps. All these games maintain a high standard of quality.
The only downside of their list is that it might be somewhat limited. You won't find a wide diversity of gambling games. This list is limited to a few versions per category, so it's not as extensive as on other platforms.

Min deposit 100 INR
Min deposit 100 INR
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Here, you can perfectly meet your expectations of a great Live Casino. 10bet offers its customers an immense list composed of live games. Among them, you'll find titles like blackjack, baccarat, Roulettes, dice games, and much more.
However, we must mention that not all of their providers are recognized. The same goes for the available titles, where some are not as popular. Still, they have games from providers like Ezugi or Evolution, which are giants in the gambling industry that you should always consider.

Min deposit 80 INR
Min deposit 80 INR
Welcome offer
$500 INR no deposit bonus + double the first deposit up to $10,000 INR

Winpot offers a wide variety of titles, however, this is not its most special feature. The most striking aspect of Winpot is the uniqueness of its games. There are many titles that you won't find on other platforms, making it an ideal way to change up your gameplay.
If this doesn't appeal to you, you can also play some of their more classic titles. Among them are blackjack, poker, baccarat, and Roulette games.
Furthermore, the most popular provider in their live game list is Evolution. As one of the leading gaming companies worldwide, its quality and security should come as no surprise.

Best Live Casino Game Providers

You already know the most relevant games in this category, however, not just any game should be played. Many of the games you will find on the market lack security and are provided by unknown providers. For this reason, it is essential that you choose only those titles that are provided by internationally recognized companies.

Evolution Gaming

Every live casino user knows Evolution. It is probably the most important provider in the world, even owning other recognized companies. It offers all kinds of games, featuring highly popular table games as well as alternatives that only the most experienced have heard of. Some of its most relevant features are:

  • It is the most famous provider of live casino.
  • Owner of NetEnt, Red Tiger, and Big Time Gaming
  • Pioneer in the world of live casino games
  • It is a frequent provider in India and foreign casinos.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play has gained much more fame with its slot games. However, it is now recognized as an important provider in the live gaming world. Virtually any betting platform features some of Pragmatic Gaming's games. Thus, its diversity is comparable to that of Evolution. We can highlight the following points as its most outstanding features:

  • Initially dedicated to slots
  • Established in Romania.
  • Many game shows with original concepts.
  • It features board games and show games with unique versions.
  • Very popular in foreign casinos


If you are a fan of traditional casinos, you must have heard of Playtech at least once. Initially, it was known for having more slots than any other provider. Despite this, nowadays its offering has undergone a considerable change, even offering live casino games. Here are the most interesting points about this provider:

  • Wide range of live slots available
  • Headquartered in more than 5 different countries.
  • It features board games, slots, and live show games.
  • Extremely popular in online casinos in India.


Like other companies in this market, Ezugi belongs to Evolution. However, this company offers its own selection of games characterized by being slightly different from Evolution. The main difference that stands out is the dedication to the Asian market, which is not very common among providers. These are some of the characteristics that best define Ezugi:

  • Small selection of traditional casino games
  • Great dedication to the Asian market with games rarely seen.


BetGamesTV is a Lithuanian company that has started to gain value in the live casino market. Their games are usually different from what other providers offer, so they have quickly stood out from the competition. These are the main features you can expect when browsing their game list:

  • All their games are based on gambling.
  • Different style of play
  • Betting with odds in gambling games

Authentic Gaming

This is not one of the most well-known companies internationally within the live gambling market. However, it certainly has some interesting games that you could find on recognized platforms. It has a small selection of table games including versions of blackjack and roulette. Here are some of the most emblematic features of Authentic Gaming:

  • Innovative games with real dealers
  • It belongs to Light and Wonder.
  • Small selection of board games
  • Streaming games


In this case, OnAir is a company owned by Games Global, one of the members of Microgaming. Thus, it is a provider with high-level games capable of satisfying the tastes of the majority of users. They offer a wide variety, bringing both traditional games and less popular ones in the market.

However, we must mention that currently their listing is not as impressive as that of other providers. Despite this, being part of Games Global, we could expect significant growth in the coming years. These are some of the most outstanding features of On Air:

  • Property of Games Global, a member of Microgaming.
  • Traditional and innovative offers
  • High projection in its game listing

Live Casino Bonuses

Just like the traditional casino, the live version can also have unique promotions. These are not available in other sections, so they are perfectly suited to live gaming.

Many of these bonuses offer you additional funds to wager on a specific game. You'll often come across offers associated with Blackjack, allowing you to receive more money to bet on this game.

In addition to this promotion, you may come across cashback promotions for this section. Thanks to this, you will have the possibility to recover your losses in the games where the promotion is available. Generally, this offer is valid for card games on the platform.

Lastly, some platforms offer free spins for live slot machines. However, you should consider that this is a less common gaming option. Therefore, it's quite possible that you might not come across this offer. Nevertheless, its operation is very similar to that of any free spin.

Live casinos on mobile devices

While live casinos are excellent, you can't make the most out of them unless you use the mobile version. Thanks to this version, it's possible to play live games from any location, making your gameplay real-time and portable.

Most online casinos that you can access nowadays have this kind of mobile services. However, not all of them have a mobile application that facilitates the way you use the platform. Instead, many casinos only have a mobile version of the platform that you can access using your preferred browser.

When you want to play at the live casino from these devices, you must start by accessing the platform. Regardless of whether you do it from the desktop version or from the app, the next step will always be to log in. Once you complete this step, you will go to the live gambling section. Here you will have the entire selection available in a single interface.

If any of the games catch your attention, you will have to log in and place your bet with your funded account. If you do not have funds in your account, you will need to make a deposit if that is what you desire.


  • Is it safe to play live casino games?
    If you choose the right casino, playing any game is more than safe. Make sure to check all the international licenses, the most reliable ones are from Malta and Curacao, although there are other authorities that regulate online casinos' laws. Do not wager real money on a website without licenses.
  • Can you play live casinos on your mobile phone?
    The best live casinos also adapt to any mobile device; it's just a matter of finding your ideal casino.
    There are pages that do not need to be installed to access them from your phone; simply open the browser from there and go to the official website. Still, you can start playing through applications, installing them directly from the main website.
  • Does the Live Casino have real people as dealers?
    That's right, it's one of the things that make this an authentic experience. The best software providers hire professionals in the field to be your opponents in a fair and impartial manner. You can interact with them through HD video cameras and other technologies that allow a connection with live dealers.
  • Can I play Live Casino at any time of the day (and night)?
    This is one of the advantages of the Live Casino; you have the joy of entering whenever and wherever you want. Furthermore, live dealers will be waiting for you 24 hours a day to compete, allowing you to demonstrate your skills at any time.
  • Can I play Live Casino games for free?
    It is very unlikely that you can find free Live Casino games, as all sessions are live, and having a demo version for each session would not be cost-effective. You can find free online casino games like slots, table games, and video poker; however, to play live, you will need to place a real bet.
  • Can I play Live Casino in India?
    Absolutely! Don't let this be a hindrance to improving your game. You can find Live Casino games in Indian without any problem, especially if you are in Latin America. Look for your favorite selection and start playing in your language; we recommend that you always locate the translated titles.
  • Can I play Live Casino games at all casinos?
    Of course! All the best online casinos have a Live Casino section with the full range of games for you to enjoy incredible live dealer games with HD cameras, making your experience feel like a 100% real casino.