Online sports betting in India in 2023

If you're a sports fan, you probably also enjoy betting on your favorite teams. Every day, more countries have embraced sports betting, and for all of them, there's a special place in the online world: online betting platforms. 

And the thing is, on these websites you will not only have space to do all your betting Not only can you test your predictions, but you can also watch the matches live, win special bonuses, and view the statistics.

India has the best platforms in operation, where you can fully enjoy the necessary tools to create strategies and win alongside your favorite sports categories. has compiled the best of them.

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Sports Betting en India

What are sports bets?

We have all heard the concept of sports betting at some point, and it is nothing more than predictions made by each user regarding a specific match, game, or selection. Currently, there are many categories to bet on, and there are also incredible opportunities to win more money than expected.

Betting in general began in ancient Greece, where its inhabitants bet on watching great battles between gladiators as a method of entertainment, as well as supporting the current athletics. Each person contributed to a pot for their favorite, hoping that they would win and give the bettor all the accumulated money.

Undoubtedly, as time went by, sports betting houses began to profit from the high demand for these activities. The main boom that gave rise to their growth was horse racing, where it was customary to number the horses and bet on the favorite. Nowadays, it is possible to bet in over 100 categories, including boxing, cycling, football, baseball, and many more.

With the arrival of technology and the internet, software pages and betting companies started a virtual project to reach many more people and create a space that provides the opportunity to bet through an online platform. This was a great success worldwide, as it allowed all users to watch game broadcasts, make live bets, and create all possible strategies.

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What are the elements that make up the sports betting industry?

It turns out that, thanks to the demand for these events, this industry is very competitive. And although it may sound challenging, it is something that needs to be taken care of, as pirate pages can sneak in and harm the game.

Before starting to bet, you must understand how online betting works. It is a system with various tools that complement the cycle of each bet. Every element is relevant and is used by the software of each platform in order to provide the user with a pleasant experience.

Sports events, betting, the betting line, odds, and predictions are some of the elements involved in an online sportsbook, you should not settle for less when choosing yours.


Sports events

The best Sports Betting houses in India have been characterized by providing the audience with diversity in sporting events. So far, over 1000 events are available on these platforms. These are the settings from which the betting will take place.
The pages typically cover the most significant events in sports history, such as the FIFA World Cup, league events, NBA events, as well as national, state, and regional matches, depending on the territory from which you are betting.
A quality betting house can offer you internationally unprecedented sports events from any sport and can expand its gaming capabilities with multiple sports categories, teams, and more.

plus minus

bet lines

Betting lines are informative figures provided by the platform to establish a popular market. In other words, they represent the odds of a particular match, selection, or team, which will also depend on the requested sports category.
Users take these figures as a reference to place a bet on more (+) or less (-), which will be previewed alongside the previous sporting event.



An odds, represented as a decimal, allows the user to see how much they can win or lose in each sports bet. It's a tool that can be volatile and depends on many factors for its value.
Not all odds are the same; there can be high or low odds depending on the betting house, the sporting event, the players involved, the event's popularity, the sport itself, among others. Since more famous events, being in higher demand, tend to increase their value, many websites offer their users incredible odds for certain categories, while for less requested ones, the odds tend to decrease.



As mentioned earlier, a prediction is a predictive outcome from the bettor to guess who the winner of the match will be, although it's not always about that title. It can also predict who will lose the tournament, who will win in the second half, who will retire first, and more.
To make a feasible prediction, players tend to study the game and the team, examine the match history, and the strengths and weaknesses of each selection. By doing so, they can access the statistical table provided by Sports Betting houses on their platforms.
Making predictions is one of the key strategies in online betting. You won't always get the answer right, but it's part of the excitement these activities provide. Additionally, on some occasions, you'll be able to watch the entire match live, so your predictions can be made in real-time depending on the unfolding of the game.



When you have your prediction in mind, you will be able to complete your bet. The fun part about this is that you won't just have the option to bet on who wins or who loses, in fact, there are a variety of options and classifications for each of them.

Bets mas populares

Bet Types

The territory of online gambling is more extensive than it seems, the types of bets will expand depending on the category of the game and, even so, they will not be limited to three or four. It is also very important that you know this because, in this way, you can focus on much more than predicting the winner of said game.

On all platforms, especially in betting houses located in India, the main attraction is football, however, you can also study the behavior of other categories such as esports, tennis, basketball, and more.


money line

Describing the moneyline is as straightforward as saying it's the bet on the winner of the match. It's a simple yet effective bet as it focuses on a single objective; it grants victory to the one who wins the match.
There are no variations, and players who choose to place this bet should be confident in their prediction since it takes the longest time to be determined.

tablero de puntuación

Difference in points or handicap

As its name suggests, the handicap is a bet that establishes a point difference between two teams. Users have the authority to bet on how much advantage or disadvantage the match had to reach a final result.
This betting option also functions perfectly as a strategy since possibilities for the performance of each team are assigned from the beginning of the match. It's essentially a way to level the playing field between stronger and weaker players.

jugador de baloncesto

More less

The over/under bets are quite straightforward: which player has achieved more or fewer rewards. In this case, we can determine who scored more or fewer goals, baskets (in the case of basketball), who scored more or fewer points in specific games.
All categories offer this betting option, and each one can establish particular characteristics. For instance, in football, which team scored more than 3 goals and which team scored less.



If you want to increase the adrenaline rush, undoubtedly, this is the bet for you. Future bets are those made well in advance, meaning you can place a bet on a sports event scheduled for the year 2023, for example.
These bets are saved in the betting history for control and player assurance. The thing is, deciding to opt for future bets naturally involves more risks of failure, as the performance of teams could change within a year. Essentially, you would be betting based on intuition and luck.


multiple combined bets

These bets are perhaps the riskiest but could also be the most rewarding for the player. With multiple parlays, you have the option to make several predictions in a single bet. You invest less money and have the potential for higher winnings.
The risky part is that you have to be correct in all the predictions and odds made. If you don't get all of them right, the bet won't be valid, and you would lose that investment.

Is sports betting legal in India?

Asking yourself this question continuously is more common than it seems, especially when it comes to beginners in the field of betting. So, we are happy to tell you that if you decide to become a bettor, you have nothing to worry about because sports betting is completely safe and legal nowadays.

Sports betting has been allowed since 2014

gobernacion logo

Thanks to the Federal Law on Games and Lotteries, all Indians will be able to play safely and place bets with government authorization. Considering that these activities were previously prohibited, it was a relief for those who love to make online bets.

But you must be careful, as this authorization only covers all online sportsbooks that have special licenses called NIGC, you will be able to identify them because their serial will appear at the bottom of the main headquarters.

The Indian gambling regulator NIGC

NIGC logo

The acronym NIGC stands for Secretariat of Governance and it is a government institution that, among its many responsibilities, also ensures security and control. This action, since 2014 onwards, is also relevant to gambling.

The law establishes that any website whose merit is sports betting must be regulated by this entity in order to be legitimate and completely safe.

international regulators

curacao egaming logo

Just like NIGC in India, there are other regulators outside the territory that also influence the reliability of the website. These licenses are granted by entities from Malta and Curacao, which are the most recognized authorities for granting valid licenses for most Latin American countries.

Why is it so much fun to bet on a sports game?

There is nothing specific that can answer this question, however, we can break down all the characteristics that can make these activities appealing to the public eye and one of them is their versatility.

That's right, there are bets for all types of audiences, it's something that starts from the main games like football, basketball, tennis, boxing, to wrestling matches, cycling and if we want to take more risks, international games, special categories like politics, the world of entertainment (predictions of TV series, movies and music) and esports.

It is highly recommended that you define your gaming identity before betting, get involved in every game, and be part of that community in order to have a more entertaining experience, which brings us to our second point; adrenaline.

When we gamble, we actually leave everything to luck. We have no certainty whether it is right, wrong, or the final outcome will be in our favor, much more because it is not an online game that patterns can be studied or certain skills can be perfected, but rather the possibilities are multiple.

In the case of sports, the thing is that something can always go wrong or go very well, the result can also surprise us, because it is about real people playing live and direct for a cup, so there, the adrenaline is rising. The bidder is going to pay a certain amount of money with the hope of getting the whole lot for himself, so there is really a lot at stake.

What is our third characteristic; the earnings. Knowing that we can fill our pockets with a significant amount of money is attractive to all users, that's why it's worth making an effort with predictions, because at the end of the day someone can be very lucky. The amount of money won also has considerations, such as, for example, what were the betting odds and how much is expected to be paid.

If we mix these three points, we find that, indeed, it can be very fun for all bidders, the mystery, the reward, and the dynamism are details that can be more than interesting, fun, and perhaps this is the answer to why online betting has gained so much popularity over time.

How to start betting on a sport?

Starting to bet can be a little scary, precisely because there is money involved and if we are not experts in the field, we could make many mistakes. But don't worry! At first, the mistakes are harmless.

However, the real secret to start betting is to know the playing field and by this we do not mean being a professional in the sport, but rather, a little more simplified; having an identity. Knowing our sports field is really the most important thing, having clear where I want to start, where I will feel more comfortable making my predictions, what are my favorite sports and what do I expect to gain from it.

By knowing this, you will also be knowing which side of the bet you want to go to. Certainly, some players think that it is not necessary to know about the game to bet, but it is. By knowing the movements within the sport, it will be easier to achieve a possible outcome and hit the bet, we could call it a strategy, but it is actually basic knowledge.

So, if you want to become a bettor and believe that the best market for odds and betting is in football, but you know nothing about the game, we recommend two things. The first is that you start taking an interest in this sport, learn all its mechanics and familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations. Our second advice is that if you know nothing about football but are a fan of horse racing, then you are not on the right side of the platform. You should always choose the sport that you feel most comfortable with.

Sports offered by bookmakers in India

India has access to the best betting houses available in Latin America, which means that its diversity in categories must be very high. There are platforms that offer up to fifty different categories so that you can enjoy betting more easily.

Generally, within this list, the main sports can never be missing; football, basketball, baseball, and tennis matches, and then it extends to cycling, rugby, American football, athletics, hockey, table tennis, and Ping Pong. Formula races and horse races are also a requested category, almost all sports in the world could appear in this catalog; mixed martial arts, wrestling, and more.

How do we compare the best bookmakers in India?

Of the hundreds of platforms you can find on the internet, there are those that stand out. There are many ways to find the best sports betting sites, and today we are going to tell you what you should focus on first to find your ideal site.

Diverse sports offer

Many new or poorly updated websites have a very low variety of sports content, you should focus on a website that allows you to search for what you are looking for, that has more than 30 different sports and above all that covers the best events of the moment.

In addition, sometimes it's not that the website is not reliable, but rather that it may focus more on casino games and not offer as much diversity when it comes to searching for a sport, that's why you should choose the most comprehensive betting site that exists.

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As you should know, reputation is paramount on any platform that manages important data. Throughout this search, you may come across platforms of dubious origin or that do not fit your needs very well.

The classic way to find out what kind of score the place has in the market is by reading reviews from other users and their experience betting there. Their critiques will give you an idea of what is convenient for you and what is not, these will start from the moment you register until you cash out the money.

speed and comfort

You need a place that offers maximum efficiency, that is not complicated to use. It is very easy to notice these details at first sight, so it is very easy to compare, with this, you should focus on how the bets flow, what is the attractiveness of the page and how well its mechanism works for you.

Play anytime, anywhere

That's right! One of the concepts of online betting houses is that with it you can bet from the comfort of your home or wherever you are, without obstacles, limitations or obstructions.

If the place where you are going to bet does not meet this requirement, change now! because you should know that this market is very extensive and you will always be able to find a much better site, do not settle for less.

Bonus Offers

Compare all the available offers within each page and, as you are new, locate the most outstanding welcome bonus. This process can be a bit confusing, because there are many attractive bonuses that are not actually what they seem.

The secret is to read the terms and conditions of each offer to determine if it really works for you. Many welcome bonuses give you 100% cashback (sometimes, if they are very generous, you can find up to 150%), free bets on the selected sport, and much more. In addition, in the offers section, you can search for promotions dedicated to your favorite sports, free bets, and unmissable coupons.

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Payment methods

Payment methods have a significant impact on your bidding experience, so look for variety to ensure that your deposits align with your availability. The best part is that, thanks to technological advancements and the introduction of new methods, you can now make payments using virtual wallets like Skrill and Neteller, pay with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and, of course, use traditional payment methods such as bank transfers and credit and debit cards.

Another thing you should consider a lot about this is the time for deposits and withdrawals. With the most extensive payment methods, you will have the option to choose each one based on the transaction time it characterizes, as some are completely instant, but others can take up to weeks.

Withdrawal Options

Retirement is one of the most exciting things about the entire online betting process, the satisfaction of knowing your earnings and that soon you will be able to cash it out and have it all in your account.

As we mentioned previously, withdrawal options do indeed affect the comfort of your journey, as withdrawal times are usually much longer. The interesting thing is that if the website offers withdrawals to digital wallets, you could receive your balance in as little as 20 minutes.

Responsive customer support

Remember that you are requesting a service and that they, as a platform, have the duty to assist you in case something goes wrong and provide you with the necessary technical support. For this, it is highly recommended that you look for pages with live chat in your language, that you have easy access to communication with the page, and that they answer all the relevant questions you may have.

All of this is of utmost importance because there can always be inconveniences, with a poorly made bet, with a server problem, with money that was never collected, with any doubt to complete your bets, among others.


And lastly, but not least, the security or in any case your security. As we tell you, thanks to the high demand for sports betting worldwide, every day there are more venues that can turn out to be a real scam and could harm you and your money.

The easiest way to verify how reliable a website is, is thanks to the licenses authorized by the state, including all international licenses offered by Curacao, Malta, and other authorities.

This information should always be located at the end of the website, at the bottom of the screen, with all the main details, such as the registration date, license number, and regulating organization. Additionally, you could also read reviews from other customers that are posted on social media.

What are the best bookmakers in India – mini reviews

We couldn't do this article without first giving you a list of our top recommendations. We have included the betting houses in India that meet all the aforementioned requirements and could provide you with a quality and secure service for your sports bets.

Welcome offer
100% up to $2,000 INR

Betwinner is not only a sports betting house, it also has a casino section and is authorized with the necessary licenses for its operation in India. It belongs to the company Maritik Holding Ltd and has one of the most extensive betting catalogs in the country, in addition, it offers over 2000 sports events per week.

It has a welcome bonus that, by simply entering your promotional code "BWLAT22", you can unlock up to 150% cashback on your first deposit. It has 24/7 live chat and special offers of 2000 Indian rupees for downloading the app.

Welcome offer
Up to $20,000 INR
+ 100 Free Spins

Ditobet is a valid betting site for India with regulations from the government of Curacao. It is a new platform but still excellent for making sports bets. It offers live betting, different types of odds, and a refreshing welcome bonus.

This bonus consists of giving you a 100% reward and $25 in free bets after making the first deposit with a limit of up to $250. Its platform is attractive and easy to understand, in addition to having over 1000 daily games to bet on in its registry.

Types of bonuses for sports betting

There is no denying that bonuses and offers are a determining factor when choosing a reliable place. What you may not realize is that the welcome bonus is not the only offer available, you can also find:

How to create an account on the sports betting site and get a bonus?

Time required: 20 minutes

If you are ready to start playing, we are pleased to tell you that creating an account and unlocking the welcome bonus is a very simple action and the best part is that it is completely free to do this process. Below, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to complete the registration and get the reward promised by the betting house.

  1. Choose your Sports Betting site:

    Consider all the factors we've mentioned before and look for a comprehensive site. Once you've found it, access its main page using your trusted browser.

  2. Click on the Registration button:

    Locating the registration option won't be difficult; it's usually situated at the top of the page. Once you see it, a simple click will suffice.

  3. Complete the form:

    Once you've completed step 2, you'll be directed to a dedicated space to input personal details like your first name, last name, location, payment information, and other necessary information to create your account.

  4. Access bonus code if necessary:

    At times, welcome bonuses are claimed during the registration process. To retrieve the code, navigate to the bonuses section and copy it.

  5. Accept the site's terms and conditions:

    With a single click, you'll be acknowledging the rules and agreements of the betting platform. This step is mandatory, so it's recommended to read them carefully.


Popular payment options on sports betting sites in India

Payment options are synonymous with convenience, each player has their favorite option, the one they can easily manage and allows them to complete their monetary transactions without any problem.

If you still have no idea what the most effective payment method is, we will give you some of the most popular options for sports betting in India.

Payment method: Type: Average deposit time: Average withdrawal time:
Visa Credit / debit card Instantaneous 2-5 days
MasterCard Credit / debit card Instantaneous 2-5 days
Trustly Electronic wallets Instantaneous 1-3 days
Skrill Electronic wallets Instantaneous 1-3 days
paysafecard Prepaid card Instantaneous Not available
PayPal Electronic wallets Instantaneous 1-3 days
Neteller Electronic wallets Instantaneous 1-3 days

Security when depositing money in a betting site or in a casino and fees

The first thing you have to take into account is that from the moment you decide to bet, you must be fully informed about each payment process and deposit limits. Security is very important, remember that once you have paid or placed the bet, there is no turning back or refund unless justified.

Involving money in these fields is a process that requires certain attentions, which is why it is mandatory for all individuals who decide to register on a sports betting platform to be of legal age and aware of their actions.

prepaid cards

The function of prepaid cards is simple, you pay a previous amount to have a balance inside it and when the time comes to place a bet or make a deposit, you already have the required amount. In India, one of the most popular methods is to pay with PaySafeCard, which you can purchase at any authorized store.

Prepaid card Commission Payment time
PaySafeCard Up to 3% commission Instantaneous
Oxxo 7% transaction commission Instantaneous
ToditoCash No commission Instantaneous

Credit cards

Credit cards are also a very viable method, MasterCard, Maestro, and VISA are the most common ones, the payment time in the case of withdrawals can last up to 7 days at most, and the commission will depend on the card company.


Cryptocurrencies are a new payment method that has already begun to be used in almost all sports betting houses in the country, options like Bitcoin have been popularizing, in addition, transactions are almost instantaneous and secure, adding a low percentage in commissions.

Wire transfer

This method is one of the most classic ones within online betting transactions, as they have always been present. Bank transfers are a secure option for users, as every average adult has this payment facility.

The only detail of this method is that the transaction time is a bit longer than the rest, they are legal rectifications that also help with the security and regulation of the process, this means that, by accepting this withdrawal, the payment may take from 24 hours to seven days to be processed.

Electronic wallets

Surely you already know virtual wallets, which have gained great recognition with the use of new technologies. They are fast, efficient, and secure. Not only that, but opening an account is completely free and the fees are very low.

Wallet Commission Payment time
Skrill Maximum commission 4% Instantaneous
Neteller Maximum Commission 5% Instantaneous

Store networks: an opportunity to bet without a bank account!

Store networks are another payment method with which you will not need to open any special bank account, you just have to go to the nearest authorized physical store and request one of these cards for a specific cost, which you will have to recharge every certain time.

Among them we have Oxxo and 7-eleven, which you can locate in these stores, pay a selected cost and pay on your page. casino A betting house in all of India, easy, fast and secure.

seven eleven e oxxo logo

What are live bets?

Live betting is simultaneous betting on the actual game itself. They are very popular among all bettors as they provide better insights into the game, allowing for more accurate strategies. The odds for these bets will be constantly changing in real time, and you will also be able to watch the game while having access to all the statistics of the gameplay process.

sports betting apps

logoType de teléfono móvil

Sports betting apps enhance the functionality of the entire website, making it easier for the player to connect from wherever they are. Not only that, but they also improve video quality, betting options, and page speed. Moreover, they are secure and completely free. 

To download them, you must complete a basic installation process from your mobile device. If your operating system is Android, you will need an APK to obtain the app, which you can get from the official page and authorize the device to allow the download of unknown applications. In the case of iPhone or iOS, the online store will offer you the direct and secure download of the application.

Other sports houses do not have a specific app, but they do have their mobile version. It is the same platform that we already know, but perfectly adjusted to the dimensions of your phone screen.

This version should be just as effective as we know it from the computer, fast, secure, and above all, just as fun. You will find all the tools and be able to access it without the need to complete any downloads or installations.

responsible gaming

The best sportsbooks are also the ones that care about the mental and financial well-being of their users. Responsible gambling is a rule established by international licenses to protect and raise awareness among all players.

What does this program consist of? It's simple, basically the page will establish limits on bets, deposits, and withdrawals, as well as allow you to self-exclude from gambling and voluntarily ban yourself from the website.


jugar con responsabilidad
  2. The Ministry of the Interior is the government agency responsible for public security, governance, and civil protection in India. It is responsible for coordinating and implementing policies and programs related to national security, immigration, human rights, and disaster response. The Ministry of the Interior works closely with other government agencies, as well as with state and local governments, to ensure the safety and well-being of the Indian people.
  4. Responsible gambling means staying in control of how much time and money we spend on gambling. Whether we bet on sports, scratch cards, roulette, poker, or slots—in a casino, at the track, or online—a gambling problem can strain our relationships, interfere with work, and lead to financial disaster. You may even do things you never thought you would, like running up huge debts or even stealing money to gamble.
  5. Please gamble responsibly.


  • What is the most advantageous deposit method for Indian players?
    While in India, all methods can be feasible, we are interested in speed. Considering that e-wallets are the fastest payment method on any betting site, they would be the most recommended for all bettors. Additionally, creating an account with these e-wallets is free and quick.
  • Do all sports betting sites offer multiple deposit methods?
    Yes, that's the ideal situation. However, it's also true that the number of methods will depend on the specific website you're betting from. Normally, reputable sites provide a wide selection of payment methods to all users.
  • What is the typical withdrawal time?
    The withdrawal time will vary depending on the method used. The most common is a minimum of 15 minutes, but with options like bank transfers and credit or debit cards, it can take up to seven days to process.
  • Where can I watch the matches of the most popular sports leagues?
    You have many options to watch the most popular matches live, and betting platforms like Betwinner can offer uninterrupted streaming for you to enjoy your favorite sports leagues.
  • Do all sports betting sites offer a bonus?
    The majority of betting sites offer welcome bonuses and various other bonuses. It's very uncommon for online betting sites not to have some form of reward for users. These bonus programs and offers are also a great marketing strategy.
  • What is the difference between a casino and a sports betting site?
    The difference is quite distinct. Sports betting sites focus on sports and predicting the outcomes of important games. On the other hand, online casinos focus on casino games like blackjack, slots, and poker. While these are two different activities, many sports betting platforms also offer casino sections.
  • What is the most popular type of bet in India?
    The most popular bets are the traditional ones, distributing among winners and losers of a match. Besides being classic predictions, they are also the easiest to make. Following these are handicap bets and live bets.