OxxoPay in Online Casinos

Every user who has accessed a Indian casino must have seen Oxxo as a payment method. This comes as no surprise since it represents one of the main alternatives for conducting transactions by Indians. With Oxxo, it's possible to make both deposits and withdrawals without even having to enter card details or have a bank account.

Thanks to the simplicity of this method, all eyes are on it. Therefore, it's an option you should at least be aware of. Here are the most relevant points for making deposits and withdrawals using Oxxopay.

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What is Oxxopay?

Unlike the Oxxo payment method in-store, Oxxopay is an alternative based on electronic payment. Thus, it offers you the possibility to make online payments in record time while keeping track of transactions through its notification system.

The process works with a payment request system. In this way, you just have to access the Platform where you want to make your deposit and submit a request. At this point, the transaction process will have started, so you will need to complete the subsequent steps in order to successfully deposit the money.

On the other hand, in this payment system you will have to make the transaction in cash. While it is an alternative for paying in electronic businesses, the payment request must be made at an Oxxo cashier where you will select the payment method. In short, with Oxxopay you enjoy the services of Oxxo as an intermediary to make transactions where the method is available.

How to deposit in online casinos using Oxxopay?

Time required: 10 minutes

You already know what Oxxopay is based on, you just need to know how to use it. As we introduced you, the process is based on a simple payment request that you will make with the service at the casino you select. Once this is done, you will choose a payment method, among which will be cash payment at an Oxxo store. You can follow the following steps to make a successful deposit with Oxxopay.

  1. Access the casino: Choose your preferred casino and log in or create an account on the platform.

  2. Go to the deposits section: Within your profile, click on the deposits button. Here you will initiate the process to add funds to your casino account.

  3. Choose Oxxopay: Among the different options available on the platform, select Oxxopay. At this point, you'll need to enter the amount you wish to deposit.

  4. Keep the payment receipt: After submitting the deposit request, make sure to keep the receipt provided by the platform. This is essential to provide the reference number for the in-store payment.

  5. Visit the nearest Oxxo store: Head to a nearby Oxxo store to provide the reference number along with your account details. Here, you will make the cash payment and instantly access the funds.

How to withdraw from online casinos using Oxxopay?

In addition to being able to make deposits, you can also make withdrawals with Oxxopay. In fact, the procedure is very similar to depositing funds in online casinos. You just have to keep in mind that many platforms in the market may not offer this alternative. Nevertheless, you can follow these steps to make withdrawals effectively in the online casino.

  1. Enter the online casino: Using your account, you will enter the official website of the casino where you want to make the withdrawal.
  2. Go to the withdrawals section: In your profile, you should locate the withdrawals section. Here you will have the different available options and fill in the requested fields to apply for the withdrawal.
  3. Oxxopay selection: If the withdrawal option is available, you must select Oxxopay. After doing this, you will indicate the withdrawal amount and confirm the transaction.
  4. Go to the nearest Oxxo cashier: Using your debit card, you will withdraw the funds transferred to your account through the Oxxo cashier. Keep in mind that the working hours of these cashiers may vary.

Oxxopay commissions

Like with other payment methods, Oxxopay may have some special fees. In the case of deposits, they are usually completely free. However, in certain casinos, they may ask for a special tax, but this is up to the betting platform.

Meanwhile, withdrawals will always incur a commission. The amount is $12 per withdrawal made at Oxxo ATMs. In turn, the costs for making transactions at the casino can be variable.

In addition, there are generally limits on the amounts you can deposit and withdraw through Oxxo.

Oxxopay Security

There are no complaints regarding the security of Oxxopay. It is an extremely secure method for conducting transactions in India. It has the necessary security systems to maintain your integrity and safety at all times while making payments with their services.

Pros and cons of using Oxxopay as a payment method in online casinos

PROS: Cons
👍 Ease of use 👎 Deposit and withdrawal limits
👍 Withdrawals and cash deposits 👎 High withdrawal fees
👍 High payment speed 👎 Infrequent withdrawals at online casinos
👍 Available in many Indian casinos. 👎 You must go to the Oxxo store.
👍 You don't need bank accounts.

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